Dem Bones

The 4’s Unit on bones is just finishing up with the return of the VICPA Skeleton to the ECE Committee Group. We are so fortunate to have this type of resource to share with the children and amongst all the preschools in our cooperative. Each day I showed the children a new set of bones, beginning with the femur (the biggest and STRONGEST bone in our bodies) and ending with the skull (the super duper important bone that protects our brain). I shared the simple names (shoulder bones, fingers and toes) and the scientific names (scapula, phalanges) with them and many of them picked up on the fun science names…because your children are so smart! When I asked why we have bones, some of their answers included:
“To move”
“So we don’t die”
“So we don’t tip over”
“You can’t jump in puddles without bones”
“You’d be a jelly ball if you didn’t have bones”
The x-rays we have been looking at on the light table and in the Dr. Office have brought up discussions about breaking bones. On the 19th we had two very special guests come to preschool to talk with us about broken bones. Ethan and Jordan, two alumni students, came to our circle time with Ethan’s “foot to above knee” cast that he had to wear for 2 months (and then an air cast) when he broke his shin bone when he fell off his scooter. He had x-rays of his break and brought his crutches to show the preschoolers (his sister’s classmates) how he walked without using his leg. Jordan and Ethan were the best guest speakers we have had in the preschool so far this year!
More news on our other two classes coming up soon!
See you at the LPP&C Annual skate day on Friday!
Yours in early learning and care,