Lambrick Park Preschool & Childcare

Community Building & Fundraising

IMG_6937Like other parent-participation preschools, we fundraise to help provide excellent staffing, quality equipment and supplies, and exciting special events. Fundraising events also help to foster a sense of community and provide our families with opportunities to get to know one another better.

Fundraising Activities

Silent Auction
A fun evening in November,  which generates the majority of our fundraising budget and promotes a strong sense of community in our preschool.

Supporting family fitness and the preschool with our annual Walkathon, usually held in May.

Thrifty Smile Cards
Fill up and use your Smile Card each visit. We get 5% of sales.

Fairway Markets Cards
Fill up and use your Fairway Card each visit. We get 5% of sales.

Purdy’s Chocolates
Christmas and Easter orders through our school rep. We get 25% of sales.


The Soap Exchange
Mention our name  at the Hillside Avenue location when you shop. We get 10% of sales.

Community Building Activities

Learning Through Play