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A Special Musical Visitor

Our thanks go out to Great Grandpa Dick who came to preschool Wednesday to share his musical talents and instruments with us.  Here are some snippets of the visit:

GG's violin GG's Banjo The mandolinHe brought his Banjo, Violin and Mandolin with him.  He showed us how the strings make music and how he tunes the strings to make the notes.  He played lots of song on his instruments and we clapped to some and sang to others.

Thank you so much for the visit GG Dick!

The AM 4’s class.

Skate Day!

When I first was told about the annual preschool skate that the past ECE had participated in with the preschool families, I was a bit apprehensive and hesitant. Preschoolers skating? And this is going to be fun? They have just mastered walking and now we are going to put them on skates? I wasn’t sure if this was a tradition that I wanted to continue.
I am in my 10th year at LPP&C. ECEs before me began and continued traditions in this preschool that has been part of the Gordon Head community for over 40 years. We have history…and I decided I wasn’t going to mess with this tradition! So, ever since my first skate 10 years ago, I have made sure we put the Annual Skate Day on the calendar in January, and after each skate day, I’m glad I did.
No doubt, skating is not for every 3 or 4 year old and his or her mom or dad. However, there have always been so many that do enjoy their skate and last Friday (the 30) was no exception.
We had the best turn out at this year’s annual skate. A number of families brought family members and friends to help with the logistics of being on the ice. Everyone seemed to enjoy using the equipment that Pearkes recreation center provides for the Parent and Tot skate time. Unfortunately, their collection of sleds has been reduced to only one new sled as the old ones had become cracked and unsafe. But we took turns and shared the one sled. Preschoolers are good at sharing. The large pylons were fun to stand on and get pushed around the ice; the hockey sticks created a real “hockey game” experience; shopping carts were fun to push around and one preschool friend had a great time cooking and serving corn on the cobb on the BBQ which he also leaned on to keep himself upright on the ice!
By the end of the hour and 20 minutes, all those who participated came off the ice sporting rosy cheeks and big smiles. We didn’t get to see the very cool Zamboni ice cleaner this time since there was a lesson right after our skate however, enjoying a yummy snack while peeling off stiff and cool ice skates seemed to be a fine way to finish off our 2015 Annual Preschool Skate.
Pics of the day will be up on the chalk board in the preschool this week! Be sure to check them out.

Dem Bones

The 4’s Unit on bones is just finishing up with the return of the VICPA Skeleton to the ECE Committee Group. We are so fortunate to have this type of resource to share with the children and amongst all the preschools in our cooperative. Each day I showed the children a new set of bones, beginning with the femur (the biggest and STRONGEST bone in our bodies) and ending with the skull (the super duper important bone that protects our brain). I shared the simple names (shoulder bones, fingers and toes) and the scientific names (scapula, phalanges) with them and many of them picked up on the fun science names…because your children are so smart! When I asked why we have bones, some of their answers included:
“To move”
“So we don’t die”
“So we don’t tip over”
“You can’t jump in puddles without bones”
“You’d be a jelly ball if you didn’t have bones”
The x-rays we have been looking at on the light table and in the Dr. Office have brought up discussions about breaking bones. On the 19th we had two very special guests come to preschool to talk with us about broken bones. Ethan and Jordan, two alumni students, came to our circle time with Ethan’s “foot to above knee” cast that he had to wear for 2 months (and then an air cast) when he broke his shin bone when he fell off his scooter. He had x-rays of his break and brought his crutches to show the preschoolers (his sister’s classmates) how he walked without using his leg. Jordan and Ethan were the best guest speakers we have had in the preschool so far this year!
More news on our other two classes coming up soon!
See you at the LPP&C Annual skate day on Friday!
Yours in early learning and care,

Holiday Songs

I mentioned I would post the words to our songs we will be singing this Friday at the Winter Festival.  Enjoy singing them in the car and while you help your preschooler get dressed in the morning.

Jingle Bells

You know the words to this one so I won’t post them all.  We are going to start the song with “Dashing through the snow..”

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

You know the words to this one too, right?  We have lots of actions to the song so ask your preschooler if s/he can show them to you as you sing!

I’m A Little Snowman

This one is a favorite of the children and has become part of the tradition of the event.

I’m a little snowman, short and fat.  Here is my broomstick, here is my hat. When the sun comes out I start to melt. Down, down, down, down, down, down, down.  Oh no, I’m a puddle!

Candy Cane

I took a lick (lick, lick, lick) From my candy cane (lick lick lick) and it was very yummy. It used to be (lick, lick, lick) on my Christmas tree (lick, lick, lick) and now its in my tummy!

Winter Colours

This is our new one and it is little long, but the children have been doing great in practice!

My winter coat is blue, my winter scarf is red, my winter hat is green and is warm upon my head

Chorus: All the colours of winter, are beautiful to see.  All the colours of winter are all around me.

The winter trees are green, the winter snow is white, the winter moon is yellow and it shines all through the night.


My winter lights are red, my winter lights are blue, my winter lights are yellow, they’re pink and purple too.


We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the event on Friday!