Lambrick Park Preschool & Childcare


IMG_6200“Emily is our daughter in the 3’s class. LPP&C has been a positive program for Emily, my wife and I. I feel a large part this success is Rhonda’s leadership and capabilities as a teacher. Right from the first impressions, Rhonda seemed to be very welcoming, approachable and engaging. She builds a close relationship with each child, and she has good child based instinct.

Rhonda is also very engaging with the parents. She seems to have time for every parent and I can only imagine the questions and communication demands this creates.  Just recently, Rhonda provided my wife and I with some excellent suggestions and strategies on dealing with tantrums. Rhonda’s style was very empathic and very effective. This advice was spot on and has helped us better understand and manage the tantrums. It is great to have this parent resource.

People are the most valuable resource in any program or organization and we feel Rhonda is amazing. LPP&C is lucky to have a fantastic person in Rhonda.” – Kirstin and Andrew

“We know there are plenty of preschool options in Victoria, but we found Lambrick Park to be very welcoming, comfortable, and stimulating. We moved to James Bay but still drive our child to Lambrick Park because it’s such a wonderful place.” – Tracey

“Our daughter’s preschool experience has been nothing short of fantastic! From the warm supportive atmosphere to the excellent set-up and attention to her allergies – it is a first class establishment that sets the standard for an exemplary program.” – Tammy

“Lambrick Park Preschool has helped us create a community around our family that I know will last for years to come. My children are confident, love exploring & reading, and are really excited about school – it doesn’t get any better than that.” – Carren

“Lily left Lambrick Park over a year ago and still talks about teacher Rhonda as being her favourite teacher ever! She had a very positive time at Lambrick Park and I found Rhonda very supportive for me also as a parent when I had questions. I would highly recommend the school.” – Catherine

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