What Kind of Underwear Does Batman Wear?

The question came up, purely by accident, at the snack table the other day. As I’m sure you can imagine, the discussion of costumes and dress up and Halloween is frequent during this time of year. Children are eager to share their costume plans as the candy day draws nearer.
“I’m going to be Batman!” one of the 4’s children shared with me as we dug into our cut up apples and fishy crackers at the snack table. He stood up from his chair and puffed out his chest.
“I have a cape! And a mask! And a belt!!!”
“WOW!” I replied.
He smiled at me – a proud and somewhat powerful smile that helped me understand how connected he and Batman had become. He was going to take on this powerful, heroic persona on Halloween day and he was ready for the challenge.
My mind went to where many 4 year old minds tend to wander (which is odd as I am not near that age anymore, but tells you how involved I get into my work).
“Does Batman wear batman underwear too?” I asked.
He looked at me oddly – questioning my authority on the subject. How could I ask such a ridiculous question?
“No,” he replied. “He wears Spiderman underwear…..” and then he turned his head, and quietly said “Just like me….”