Blogging 101

I’ve been searching on the internet for a bit.

My searches have been things like:

“How to blog”

“Preschool blogs”

“Top 10 tips on blogging”

When I started this job 10 years ago, I don’t think the word BLOG existed (if it did, I didn’t know it). I find myself feeling somewhat apprehensive, a bit hesitant and at the same time very excited about the possibilities at my fingertips. There are so so so many special moments that happen during the day when I am with your children that the thought of capturing one or two of them in a blog is very exciting indeed.   I think that sharing these moments will be a way for me to show you not only how amazing your children are but how lucky I am to be part of their moments and what a gift they each give me when they share a story, discover something new, make an important statement or simply have a lot of fun playing.

But then the hesitation sets in again. How will I be able to do this task?! How can I remember what they said or what they did? Will I be able to honour the moment as it happened by writing it down as a reflection of my experience? Will you see it the way I saw it? The way your child meant it to be shared?

Is that what a blog is supposed to do … or be?

A number of you have offered some ideas and inspiration to get me going on this and those tips have been the most helpful. Keep it simple. Try just a dialogue. Add some pictures. Add the words to the songs you are singing with the children. Write it like Jackie French’s book “Diary of a Wombat”.

All good ideas, thank you.

So here it goes……