Lambrick Park Preschool & Childcare

Roberts Rules

This is a very brief overview on Roberts Rules and how they are used in preschool meetings.

Starting a meeting

  • “The meeting will come to order.”

Making a motion

  • “Motion to accept minutes.”
  • “Motion to approve the budget as outlined…”
  • Needs a first and second person to raise hand.

Putting a motion to a vote

  • “The question is on the motion to approve the budget as outlined…”
  • “All those in favour, raise your hand.”
  • “All those opposed, raise your hand.”
  • “Any abstentions?”
  • “Motion adopted/lost.”


  • Quorum is 50% of voting members.
  • In order to pass a vote 75% of members present must be in favour.

Electing executive

  • “[Name] is nominated for the position of secretary.  Do you accept?”
  • “Are there any other nominations? Are there any other nominations? Are there any other nominations?”
  • “[Name] is elected secretary.”

Ending a meeting

  • “Any other business?”
  • “Meeting is adjourned.”

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