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Silent Auction

MUSIC! Fun! Auction!

Hello Preschool Families! 

We are excited to announce our Online Silent Auction Kick-Off Event will be held November 18th from 6 pm – 9 pm at the Fernwood Inn with Music Bingo Victoria! 

Traditionally we’ve hosted the silent auction throughout the evening where families had the opportunity to bid on items however this year we are taking it online where you, your family and friends will have the opportunity to view auction items and bid over a two week period. (November 18th, 7 pm until December 2nd, 7 pm on In place of the evening event we will be hosting a Music Bingo night to kick start the auction.

The  Fernwood Inn has offered Lambrick Park Preschool their private function room at the back in their building located on Gladstone Ave. and Music Bingo Victoria will be providing us with the entertainment. Check out the video clip, it looks like a lot of fun!

For those of us who have opted-in to participate in this fundraising event, we have tickets on sale starting Friday October 26th at the preschool. Once again opting-in requires you to purchase 2 tickets to the event in addition to requesting 4 auction donation items for our online silent auction. 

Tickets are $12 each if purchased before our next preschool meeting (November 6th) otherwise tickets will be $15 thereafter. You will be able to purchase your ticket at the preschool where you will find an envelope labeled Silent Auction Event Tickets near our sign in sheets. The tickets are inside along with a form to write your name, number of tickets purchased, including the ticket number and method of payment. Place the payment inside the envelop. 

Your ticket buys you a Bingo card and a chance to win a ton of prizes! Extra Bingo cards can be purchased throughout the night, 3/$10. Food and drinks are available for purchase. 

Thank you for your help and support in this year’s Online Silent Auction event and fundraising night for our preschool. It is with your help in fundraising that enables us to offer our kids preschool activities and the upkeep of our preschool and equipment.

PS. No dancing required! AND keep those auction donations coming in!

Lina Zussino, Fundraising Chair
Lambrick Park Preschool & Childcare



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